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A Multigenerational Family Business

White Clover Family Farm is made up of two families. John and Linda Holden (Chelsea's parents) bought the main farm in 2017 and have been renovating the farmhouse and improving the 35 acres. Nate and Chelsea Riedy built a farmhouse on the neighboring property and began homesteading in 2020.

Together, we have chickens, pigs, cattle, goats, sweet corn, sunflowers, firewood, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and more! We love working on this business as a family and dreaming up new ways to preserve this beautiful piece of farmland in East York.


Not only do we get to support our families through White Clover Family Farm, but we supplement our goods with fresh produce and plants from York and Lancaster farmers. By shopping at our stand, you are supporting the hard work of other local farmers. We find so much joy in providing fresh farm goods to our community!



During the pandemic, we realized the fragility of our food chain. Seeing empty shelves at the grocery store is a jarring experience. We desired to know more about where our food came from and be less reliant on far away food sources. We got our first 6 chickens in March 2020 and pigs in April.

Nate built the first garden beds that spring and the practice of caring for the crops was a stress reliever and brought joy during an uncertain time. New fruit trees were added to the property and Nate joined in on the pandemic pastime of making homemade bread. Our neighbors reaped the rewards of Nate's hours in the kitchen perfecting cinnamon raisin bread, bagels, and Italian bread.

We butchered our first round of pigs in September and enjoyed the delicious nitrate-free pork over the course of a year. Between our families, we have 50 chickens. Our goats, Luna, Minerva, and Ginny joined the family in May 2021 and the farm stand officially opened in June 2021. Archie (Wagu steer) and Rosie (Irish Dexter) joined the farm operation in the spring of 2022 along with a larger number of pigs to meet our customer demand! The goats had their first babies in the spring of 2023--each having a boy-girl twin set! We welcomed three Baby Doll sheep to our new front pasture as well and built a large greenhouse on the front of the property.

The pandemic brought clarity for many. We've learned how much we value being outside, caring for the land, growing healthy and fresh food, and getting back to basics. We feel a renewed sense of community after a difficult season and are thankful for all those who have helped our business grow.

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