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Each spring, we raise a group of heritage breed Duroc pigs on our farm. In the fall, the pigs are professionally butchered by a USDA butcher and the meat is vacuumed sealed. The pork has no nitrates or added chemicals. We sell our pork by 20 lb. bags and include a mix of sausages, bacon, pork chops, ham steaks, ground sausage, and more! Our pigs are happy to keep our farm stand low waste by eating any extra produce! The pigs are pasture-raised to allow more room for grazing and increased nutritional value in the final product.

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In 2021, our pork sold out in just ONE day! We're raising more hogs this year than ever due to the high demand for our premium product! We've already started our October/November 2024 butcher date waitlist. Make sure your name is on the list, so you don't miss out on our delicious, local pork! Our 2023 price was $9.00/lb. We will email the final rate to those on the waitlist after totaling butchering and feed costs.

Available in 20-pound increments, click the button below to reserve now! No deposit is required.


* The waitlist does not guarantee you pork. We will know the exact amount we have to sell once the pigs are butchered. * 

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