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Want to enjoy local produce even in the heart of Pennsylvania Winter? Anticipating withdrawal from your favorite White Clover bread and farm-fresh eggs? We've got you covered! That is why we created our Winter Staple Box. 

Each week, you will pick up your subscription box from our farm on Friday. Each box will include 4+ types of local produce grown fresh in a family farm greenhouse, a loaf of our fresh baked bread, and a dozen farm-fresh eggs. Plus, you can expect a few surprises over the 9 weeks like a jar of our homemade jam!

There are 9 Friday pick-up dates. The first is January 5th and the final date is March 1st. Your first payment of $38 will be withdrawn one week before and then the following weeks will always bill on the Thursday before pickup.

Please see the FAQ below for important information about billing, and pickup times. Email with any questions.




When is Pickup?

You can pick up your box from the greenhouse between 3-6:00 each Friday. First pick up is Friday, January 5th and the last is March 1st.

What is in a box?

Our winter box includes 4 or more items of local produce grown in a greenhouse, a loaf of our homemade bread, and a dozen eggs and some surprises along the way!

When can I sign up?

Between now and December 31, or until we reach our max of 75 subscribers.

Can I skip a week?

Because of the limited number of weeks and the high demand for our winter boxes, we are unable to accommodate skips. However, you can gift a week of your box to a friend or family! Email to share!

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